Chef Kinki’s Seasonal Catch!

Sayori Sashimi Ponzu (Menu 3)

From 17 November, Chef Kinki proudly showcases up to 6 dishes every two weeks featuring the best catch of the season. Sake pairing for these dishes are also available upon request. Seasonal catch menus and sake pairing is available during dinner only.

Catch of the season includes Janpanese fish Sanma (Saury), Suzuki (Seabass), Kisu (Whiting), Managatsuo (Butterfish), Sayori (Half beak), Tobiuo (Flying fish) and Goma Shime (Blue mackerel). Also, other seafood such as the Mongo Ika (Cuttlefish), Tako Ashi (Octopus tentacles) and Seikogani (Female snow crab) are on the chopping board too.

A line up of three menus will rotate during this season to ensure freshness and offer greater variety! Each of the menus will be available during the following dates. Click on each menu for more details:

Chef Kinki’s Seasonal Catch 一つ

17 November - 1 December 2014

30 December 2014 - 12 January 2015 (not available on New Year’s Eve)

Chef Kinki’s Seasonal Catch二つ

2 - 15 December 2014

13 - 26 January 2015

10 - 18 February 2015 (not available on 13th and 14th February)

Chef Kinki’s Seasonal Catch 三つ

16 - 29 December 2014

27 January - 9 February 2015

Featured sakes are the Fudoh Special Junmai, Sawaya Matsumoto Shuhari Junmai Ginjo, Tengumai Junmai Daiginjo 50 and Meikyo Shisui Junmai Ginjo from the prefectures of Akita, Toyama, Hyogo and Nagano.

Sakes Available with Seasonal Menu 一つ 

Sakes Available with Seasonal Menu 二つ

Sakes Available with Seasonal Menu 三つ

Terms and conditions apply
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Kinki Customs Slash!

Kinki Customs Slash

Dine at Kinki from 6-8pm from Saturday - Wednesday and enjoy 15% off Kinki Customs including Tai Carpaccio, Buta Sushi, Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi, Spicy Avocado Maki and many more. Terms & conditions apply.

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