One man turned his shortcomings into victory. From a little respected sumo, Kinki-chan transformed himself into Chef Kinki - the man with mad skills in the kitchen and bar, who had top sumos eating out of his hand.

Inspired by this legend, Kinki Restaurant + Bar is based on the urban ethos of being brave enough to change the game. We're shaking up the dining scene with an ambience that defies tradition, modern Japanese dishes peppered with our own touch, and a drink list that features muddles of intoxicating liquids from the East and West.

Kinki is a sweet spot that oozes both local pride and global appeal. We wanted noise, we wanted funk. 'Zen' was the last thing on our minds. Drop by and you'll get an eyeful of a floor mural by tattoo artist Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame. For more urban attitude, one of Singapore's most respected urban artists ANTZ plastered the DJ console with his graffiti awsomeness. Leave preconceived notions at the door.

Come on in and get Kinki.