More F1 updates!

Hi all!

The peak hour timings during this F1 period are as below:
Wed 21 Sept to Sat 24 Sept, 0500-1000hr
Mon 26 Sept, 0600 – 1000hr and 1700-2100hr

There will be morning and evening peak traffic coming through from Esplanade Drive. Both the U-turn traffic and through traffic will be facilitated along Fullerton Road. During these timings, kindly note that entry and exit at One Fullerton will be inaccessible.

Vehicles will have access to One Fullerton during the timings mentioned above if they come down through Esplanade Drive. However, by using the temporary U-turn at Fullerton Road, drivers will not be able to access One Fullerton. As such, drop off for taxis will be possible during those timings if the taxis are travelling down from Esplanade Drive, but as with other vehicles, should they come from the temporary U-turn at Fullerton, drop off may not be possible.

Cheers to a F1 week ahead!
Chef Kinki

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